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How Integration Works

BillQuick and QuickBooks helps professional firms get tasks done. Smooth, intelligent and efficient. BillQuick expands on QuickBooks' excellent accounting features with its own intelligent time, billing and project management capabilities. You Never Enter Data Twice (NED2). And you fully control the integration, deciding where tasks are done, what data synchronizes, and when it synchronizes. With NED2 embedded in your solution, key benefits include:

  • Data accuracy
  • No time-consuming duplicate manual entry
  • Increased control over your bottom line

Together, BillQuick with QuickBooks means you are Working Smarter, Not Harder.

The table below illustrates the flow of data between BillQuick and QuickBooks.

BillQuick QuickBooks Integration


BillQuick matches activities and expense codes with service items for the smooth flow of services and expenses charged to projects and to overhead. Each activity and expense code, like a service item, is associated with a GL account.

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Data within Employee Profiles transfer between BillQuick and QuickBooks. Employee data is important for recording hours worked, and for invoices and reports. It may also be used with Payroll. Employee bill and cost rates in BillQuick flow to time entries, budgets, and other functions.

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Like employees, BillQuick synchronizes Vendor Profiles with QuickBooks. Vendor information is important for recording time and expenses in BillQuick and managing purchase orders and vendor bills. Vendor information also flows to budgets, reports and invoices.

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Client Profiles in BillQuick synchronize with QuickBooks. Client information is important for projects, marketing letters, invoices, reports, and other functions. Client information and client contacts in BillQuick can also be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook Contacts.

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Project Profiles in BillQuick are very robust: contract types, contract amounts, budgets, fee schedules, billing setup options, automatic billing, and more. Time and expenses are charged to projects. Invoices are created for projects. Thus, after initial integration projects are setup and maintained in BillQuick.

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Hours recorded in transfer to QuickBooks -- billable, non-billable, vacation, holiday, sick and administrative. You can assign payroll accounts to each type of time. Typically, users transfers hours to QuickBooks only when needed to process payroll.

Capturing time is more robust, flexible and intelligent using BillQuick, Web Suite (PC, laptop, smart phone), BillQuick Online or Microsoft Outlook. For example, BillQuick automatically applies a default employee (or consultant) bill rate OR a special project bill rate (based on the employee, activity or job classification). Business rules automatically check for over-contract work, overtime, comp time, and more. Time entries flow to invoices regardless of the billing arrangement. Time is the foundation of job cost, budget comparison, project management, billing, profitability, realization, utilization and other analysis reports.

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Expenses can be recorded in BillQuick or QuickBooks. Two-way synchronization ensures information flows to the right project and that bills get paid. To be transferred, QuickBooks Bills must be associated with a job. Like time, you can capture expenses using BillQuick, Web Suite (PC, laptop, smart phone) and BillQuick Online. Default unit costs, markups, reimbursable status and billable status carry to the Expense Log screen to minimize effort and save time. Expenses flow to job cost, budget comparison, project management, billing, profitability, and other analysis reports.

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For essential financial reporting, invoices generated using BillQuick intelligent, automated capabilities transfer to QuickBooks. BillQuick offers 100+ customizable invoice templates with varying levels of detail. An invoice template can be associated with a contract type as well as individual projects.

BillQuick maintains a full A/R. You control whether to transfer full invoice detail to QuickBooks or to transfer only a summary (one line per GL account). The summary option sends less data to the QuickBooks database.

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Payments entered in BillQuick transfer to QuickBooks as undeposited funds. Payments entered in QuickBooks also transfer to BillQuick. Entry screens and features are similar.

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Vendor time and expenses entered into BillQuick become vendor bills. Also, you can enter bills from vendors in BillQuick. Vendor bills trigger a Pay When Paid notice for invoices that include one or more vendor bills. Vendor bills transfer to QuickBooks Payables as bills to be paid.

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