ArchiOffice 2013

What's New in ArchiOffice 2013?

Meet the faster, smarter ArchiOffice. It intelligently helps you navigate quickly, find what you need fast and complete timecards in seconds. Get more done in less time and get back to the fun stuff.

Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Take it with you: Access ArchiOffice no matter what device you're on—iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer running Windows or Mac OS. Stay in the loop and update information from anywhere.

Clear Visual Cues

Easily spot the areas that require immediate attention through the use of a clean interface and color coded visual cues. Less clutter means you'll see more.

Faster Timecard Creation

You can now set Project, Phase and Job Code to all be pre-filled for the next record when you're working on your timecard.

Project Phase Estimation

Accurately invoice clients based on a quantifiable level of completion by gauging by using the Estimation feature that analyzes the pending tasks and applies an estimated level of completion.

New and Improved Dashboard Widgets

All widgets that are sortable by column can now be sorted and remembered by ArchiOffice the next time you log in. Identify how many hours are being spent on Chargeable, Non-Chargeable and Overhead hours with the Total Hours widget. Use the Project Performance widget to view the Total Cost to Date, Total Payments Received, Total Profit ($) and Total Profit (%) for your top 10 performing projects, and more.

IntelligentSearch Function

Now ArchiOffice includes an IntelligentSearch ability that offers options as you type, so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

New and Improved Reports

Run reports like WIP with A/R Aging, Work-in-Hand, Tasks, Bi-Weekly Timecard, A/R Reports filtered by 'As Of' date and more.

Employee Performance Screen

See Employee Efficiency for any date range and see how it compares to your designated threshold.

Customizable Invoice Numbers

Now you can overwrite the default invoice number that's next in the sequence to create unique invoice numbers for your projects.

Robust Integration with QuickBooks

We made huge improvements this year including implementing a Smart Match utility to help you easily link items in ArchiOffice and QuickBooks. With this new tool, you can now match clients to customers and projects to jobs. You tell Smart Match what you want. You're in control.

Updated Sync Tools

They're easy-to-use. Syncing has never been easier. PC users can sync to Outlook and Mac users can sync to Apple Mail, iCal (Calendar) and Address Book (Contacts), as well as Microsoft Entourage.

Instant Syncing

The days of manually syncing your documents—PDF, Word, Excel—are over. Now just put them in the folder on your File Server and ArchiOffice will see them right away. And you can access any document immediately on any device—from any location, even job sites.