Consulting Services for New Customers

Learning something new can be scary. This is why you can choose to the level of coaching you want. You tell us what you need, and we're there!

Data Conversion

You can choose to do it yourself or have one of our experts covert it for you. Our Custom Data Conversion Service is the preferred choice due our proven method and expertise in safely transitioning your firm's data from legacy applications into your BQE product.
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Implementation Services

We can help you quickly implement and realize the full power of your new BQE solution. With a variety of options, we're sure you can find something that fits your budget, time-frame and skill set.
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Our training services are designed to support you, and your team, at any skill level. From implementation to advance courses, our best and brightest are here for you.
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Custom Services

Even though you have a multitude of invoice and report templates available in your BQE product, sometime you still need something customized to your needs. We can help you with all your custom programming needs—from simple changes to our standard report and invoices to writing triggers that automate a process.
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