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Simple | Streamlined | Sophisticated

BillQuick 2014 takes a giant leap forward in simplifying your software experience and your business. We have streamlined many of the most commonly used processes saving you time to focus on other areas of your business. We've also created some incredibly sophisticated algorithms that will allow you to understand not only where your business is but where it’s going.

Smart Scheduling and Forecasting

Smart Scheduling

You now have the ability to schedule an employee to work on a task where the start and end date can span weeks or months. BillQuick will intelligently distribute the assigned work into weekly and monthly segments for the purposes of workload distribution and forecasting.

Smart Distributed View

The new Smart View mode in allocation will display the schedule in such a way that each task will complete at its earliest.

Project Specific Revenue Forecasting

We have enhanced the algorithm used to forecast revenue to incorporate Project Fee schedules. This powerful features takes full advantage of the new Smart Scheduling feature giving your business managers a powerful tool for accurate revenue projections for any desired time period.

Enhanced Budget Control

Automatic Master Budget

Many firms create budgets at the sub-project or phases level. This new feature automatically calculates the budgets for all of sub-projects or phases and instantly presents you with the overall project budget. No longer do you need to rekey this critical information.

Budget with Real-Time Spent information

We've added two new columns to help you with your project budgeting. The Actual Cost and Actual Amount values will update in real-time showing you how much of your cost and billing budget have been spent and what is remaining. No longer do you need to visit other screens or run reports to know where you stand on each budget line item making your job easier and much faster

Detailed Contract Amounts at phase Level

You can now specify the agreed payment terms at the vendor level. Each time you create a new vendor bill manually or automatically the due date on the vendor bill will be based on the specified payment terms.

Simplified Invoicing

Smart Attachment Rules

A new project level rule has been added that will allow you to automatically assign time and/or expense attachments to the invoices as they are processed. If your clients require backup data with their receipts this will save you a lot of time and effort. This powerful new feature will function when using Billing Review, Invoice Wizard or the Manual Invoice screen.

Custom Invoice PDF Names

We know many firms like BillQuick to generate PDF’s of their invoices and email them to their clients. This year we have given you the ability to specific how you want the invoice PDF named by using variables such as Client Name, Project ID, etc. This makes it easy for you and your client to identify each PDF. This great new feature is available when creating standard or joint invoices.

Send Multiple Invoices in a Single Email

With a single click you can now send multiple invoices to your client in a single email.

Robust Financial Management

Memorized Bills

Easily add new vendor bills to the system automatically on a desired frequency. As an example if you are entering your internet bill every month, you can enter it once and then memorize it for the monthly frequency. A huge time saver for those responsible for entering bills.

Memorize Checks

Another brand new feature that makes paying recurring bills a simple process. Simple write the check the first time and then have the system memorize it.

Accounts Payable Drill-Down Report

Everyone loves the ability to drill-down into reports by double-clicking on a number to view the source data. We've now added this feature to checks, credit memos and many other areas related to the accounts payable functionality.

Vendor Level Payment Terms

You can now specify the agreed payment terms at the vendor level. Each time you create a new vendor bill manually or automatically the due date on the vendor bill will be based on the specified payment terms.

Purchase Order Management

We've enhanced purchase order management by allowing you to specify a due date and a reference number (such as a package receipt number), when receiving items. You can also view the Purchase Order number at the vendor bill level.

Void and Delete

You now have the ability to decide wether you want to void or delete any check or invoice. No longer do you have to make this choice at the global level and have it enforced throughout.

Purchase Tax as Value

You can specify the amount of the purchase tax paid and BillQuick will automatically calculate the related percentage. This makes entering purchase tax easy when your receipt has a mix of taxable and non-taxable items.

Increased Flexibility and Security

Attach Web References

Our attachments feature has gotten more robust. When you attach files to records you now have the option to paste in a web references/url. This can include anything from a document in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or even a YouTube video or blog article. The possibilities are endless.

Automatic Project Journals

Whenever certain key changes are made to a record, BillQuick will automatically create Project Journal entries. For example, if you change the project due-date or increase the contract amount, the automatic journal entry ensures a perfect history of the project is maintained without the user needing to create any manual documentation.

Additional Custom Fields

We do our best to anticipate everything your firm might want in BillQuick but we understand that some firms want more flexibility. This year we've doubled the number of custom fields form 3 to 6 in Activity. Expense, Time Entry and Expense Log screens giving you the power and flexibility to capture exactly the information you need. All related reports have been updated in Report center so you can filter by any of the custom fields.

Enhanced Security

We added several new security controls in BillQuick 2014 including the ability to hide the cost specific bar charts in the Project Center. This is particularly helpful if you don't want your project managers to see the costs associated with their projects but still want them to have access to this valuable module.

Submission Disclaimer

This new feature is especially critical for firms that require DCAA compliance and need to ensure that employees are submitting time and expenses that are accurate and complete. Simply turn on the disclaimer settings in the Global Settings screen and BillQuick will require your employee to click on the "I Agree" checkbox prior to submitting their time and expenses.

Account Names instead of Numbers

If you use the Accounting functionality, we added a switch in User Preferences where you can change the mode of entry to account name instead of account number.

New and Enhanced Reporting

We've added several powerful, smart and intuitive reports as well as enhancing many of our existing reports so you can get actionable information quickly and easily.

  • To-Do list with Percent Complete Report
  • Aging Report with Vendor Balances per Invoice
  • 1099 Forms for Vendors
  • Balance Sheet now includes Retained Earnings
  • Void/Delete Invoices History Report
  • Top (N) Reports

Allocate Resources Effortlessly

Employee Workload and Revenue Forecaster

See the assignments for each employee in a beautiful color-coded calendar view and instantly determine which team members are overextended or under-utilized. Keep an eye on not only your forecasted work, but also who is available to work on your next project. BillQuick will even calculate and forecast your revenue so you can manage your cash flow efficiently.

Automated Task Assignments

Scheduling project teams just got a whole lot easier. Create parent and dependent tasks, and the dependent tasks will be rescheduled automatically should the parent task get delayed. For each task, you can also:

  • Update the percentage complete
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Assign custom descriptions
  • Record detailed memos

To help you schedule work for employees quickly, there's a task duplication feature that easily copies tasks from last month to this month.

Robust Interactive Gantt Charts

Print Gantt charts of your project schedule and share them with your team. Zoom to view the assignments by day, week and month so you never miss a beat, or a deadline.

Detailed Payment Disbursement

The new Payment Disbursement feature gives you the control to decide which line items should be paid while recording a payment. Now you can distribute a payment to the desired time and expense items associated with an invoice.

Manage Projects and Clients with Ease

Project Center

Bringing everything you need to manage a project in one place, the new Project Center instantly lets you know which projects are running at a loss, have burned through the budget, or have overspent their contract. At a glance, you can view Budget to Actual and Contract Spent values, as well as graphs for Profitability, Billability, Efficiency and Earned Value. Instantly switch to details for Time & Expenses, Journal Notes, Attachments, Assignments, Allocated Tasks, and Account Summary along with a history of related Invoices, Purchase Orders and Vendor Bills.

Easily Track Schedules in Real-Time

Develop project schedules and track them in real-time effortlessly with automatic notifications. Get informed when tasks are updated, subscribe to the changes in tasks, and keep your team in the loop by making sure they receive automatic notifications too.

Due Date Alerts

Never miss a deadline again—BillQuick 2013 scans the due dates for all active projects and notifies mangers several days in advance, eradicating those stressful surprises from your work week.

Snap-Shot Analytics for Projects

Compare past project performances to your current jobs with ease by applying date filters to further narrow down the snap-shot information available on the Project screen and in the Project Center.

To-Do List

A brand New "To-Do" module makes it easy to add tasks to the Project's To-Do list and track the task status of each item easily. View to-do alerts in the Dashboard and Reminder Screens.

To-Do Alerts

Got a To-Do to do? BillQuick shows you alerts in the Dashboard and Reminder Screens.

Easy Multiple Client Merging

Just as you can merge projects, now you can merge multiple clients into one. BillQuick 2013 will automatically roll up the related projects, invoices and payments.

Custom Cloning

Never start from scratch again—clone projects and important elements like To-Do Lists, Sub-Projects, Rules and more can be copied so you can create new jobs in seconds, just the way you want.

Speed Up Cash Flow

Collection Center

In the new Collections Center, you have all the information you need—payment history, key historical data and account notes—to enhance your collection efforts and to make informed decisions instantly. This screen displays real-time metrics—average hourly rate, retainer balance, days from work done to billing, days from billing to payment, and days from work completed to payment. And for each email or phone call, you now have a central place to keep notes about the conversations. You can also drill down into just the invoices you want to collect, and choose what information you want to see.

Easily Monitor Unpaid Retainers

Save time by viewing unpaid retainers right from the Project screen or the Project Center without having to run Retainer Aging Reports each time, and make sure you collect what’s due to you.

Invoice Approval Notifications

Cash flow is easily improved by sending client invoices out as soon as they're approved by a manager. BillQuick 2013 emails you an immediate notification when your draft invoices get approved, so no time is wasted between working and getting paid. Vendor Bills and Purchase Orders also now have this capability.

Save Time with Intelligence

Overtime Calculator

The new Overtime Calculator is a powerful utility that allows you to analyze your staff's timesheets and mark qualifying entries as overtime automatically, with appropriate overtime rates.

Create Time Entries From To-Do Items

Update a project related To-Do item, and BillQuick 2013 will offer you the option to make a time entry from the update, which eliminates the inaccuracy of double-entry and makes sure your billable time never slips through the cracks.

Automatic Payment Receipts

Client wants a receipt of payment? BillQuick now includes a Payment Receipts option. It automatically emails a 'Thank You' note with an attached PDF payment receipt to your client after you record the payment.

Automatic Check Generation

Refund a client retainer, and BillQuick 2013 automatically prepares the refund check for you.

Streamlined Visibility for Project Managers

This new Security option saves project managers the effort of sifting through data by giving them the ability to see only time and expense data for projects they’re personally managing.

Attach all Related Documents to Emails with One Click

You often need to include contracts, non-disclosure agreements, confirmations, engagement letters and other documents when you email proposed project estimates to prospects. BillQuick 2013 lets you include all files linked to a record with a single click when you email an estimate.

Automatically Create Invoice PDFs

Just finalized invoices? Now BillQuick asks if you want to create PDFs of finalized invoices automatically. They are saved to the default location in your settings. And if you don’t want to see the option again, just turn it off!

Power Search

Enhanced search engine in BillQuick will now quickly find words within the text and display all possible matches. The search results will narrow as you keep on typing. Give it a spin in the new Project Center.

Stay Organized with Intelligent Reports and Invoices

Print Entire Collection History

Keep your principals and managers updated about collection efforts and the status of open invoices by using the new Aging Report that can print all previous collection notes below each open invoice.

Attach Files to Payments Received

Stay organized by attaching copies of checks or wire transfers you’ve received to your payment record. Attach as many as you'd like, and rest assured that they’re all in one safe, easy-to-find place.

Keep Private Memorized Reports

Now, in addition to being able to filter reports and tag them as Favorites, you can add them to the list of memorized reports, then mark them “Private”, which not only keeps the overall list of such reports short, but also ensures that sensitive reports are hidden from others. You can also even memorize the filters you used on the reports, or rest assured that BillQuick automatically remembers the filters applied on the last 100 reports you ran.

New and Redesigned Reports

We've not only added 20 new reports to keep you tuned in to all aspects of your business, we've also redesigned dozens of others. Keep track of even more data with new reports like: Cash-Based Trial Balance, Paid Time & Expense, A/R Reconciliation Summary, Payment Journal with Disbursements, Invoiced Time & Expense and many more

Use Custom Fields on Invoices

Use these fields to track more information than ever. Include a revenue category, and easily gauge what the invoice revenue is being tracked against. BillQuick 2013 includes three new customizable fields, with editable captions. Not only can you customize the names of these fields, you can also change the user interface and assign your own drop-down value lists.

Change Grouping of Reports On-The-Fly

You may prefer to run a Report by Project Manager, or by Client, or by Project. Now you can change the organization of reports on the fly, with no need for customization, thanks to a newly added filter panel.

Print Filtered Information

BillQuick started with the best filters in the industry and made them even better to help you print Reports' project lists with your on-screen filters automatically applied. Do less visual scanning to get a crystal clear picture of what’s going on in your business.

Take Control of Your Details

Batch Print Deposit Slips

As soon as you finish a deposit transaction, BillQuick immediately makes the related deposit slips available for printing or emailing. Or if you prefer to wait and print a batch of deposit slips for the whole month, you can easily do that too with the simple select-and-print functionality added in 2013.

Multi-Currency Expense Sheets

Many firms today are working in the global economy, whether traveling on business or having offices in different regions. BillQuick now supports multi-currency expense sheets. For employees and sub-consultants/vendors, you can set the default currency for expenses. For the jet-setters that have several currencies on one expense sheet, you can change the currency and multiplier on the Expense Log itself.

View GST/VAT Amounts per Time and Expense Entry

Easily view the tax amount related to each time and expense entry in Sheet View or the Expense Log, and know the total billable value of your time and expense data at a glance.

Adjust Account Numbers Universally

In just a two-click process, you can change financial account numbers and have that adjustment apply to all transactions.

Edit Payments

Here is a simple, yet powerful feature. BillQuick now allows you to edit existing payments. No more wasting time in re-entering all the data.

QuickBooks Expenses by Line Item

BillQuick now gives you the flexibility to send time and expenses to QuickBooks in summary or detail. Send one in detail and the other in summary—your choice. Send details for only certain contract types—your choice. You’re in control!

Precise Decimal Control

Not everything is a whole or even two decimal places. BillQuick 2013 gives you precise decimal control. As part of Global Settings, you can specify different number of decimal places for units, rates and amounts.

Custom Fields Security

Some people should and some people should not. That's what security is all about. BillQuick now lets you give or take away permission to access each custom field on the time and expense entry screens.

Default Navigator

The newly re-designed role-based navigator is your home page when you log in to BillQuick 2013. It offers all the core functions you need—in one place. You can view submitted time, expenses, invoices and purchase orders on the Workflow panel. Reminders and alerts on the Reminders panel. Lastly, important messages on the Messages panel, along with the commonly used screens and links.

Hide Cost Rates Security

New security option now allows you to hide cost rates on reports related to master information, time and expense entries, budgets, etc. This security also works on your custom reports.