BillQuick Walk-Thru Videos

You can view each BillQuick Walk-Thru video in sequence for a full beginning to end presentation. Or you can select a particular topic that is more important for your firm.

1Who is BQE SoftwareA brief introduction to BQE Software. (00:01:30)
2BillQuick WorkflowOverview of the basic workflow in BillQuick. (00:01:05)
3BillQuick NavigationOverview of key navigation capabilities. (00:01:33)
4Engagement SetupHow to set up a new engagement with simple, fast shortcuts. (00:02:35)
5Engagement DetailsBilling arrangements, start and due dates, budgets, and more for engagements (00:06:10)
6Fee Schedules How to setup employee standard bill and cost rates as well as special rates for engagements. BillQuick automatically applies the correct rates to time and expenses. (00:03:36)
7BudgetsOverview of budgets, assigning a budget to an engagement, and monitoring budget usage. (00:02:28)
8Assign ResourcesHow to assign staff and consultants to engagements as well as allocate hours for tasks for more accurate information. (00:02:38)
9Engagements At-a-GlanceViewing engagement information at-a-glance via linked scanned documents, Word, Excel, CAD and other files and in the engagement journal with issues, billing decisions, collection conversations and other information, as well as quantitative information on the Dashboard and Engagement Account Summary. It's the right information at the right time. (00:02:42)
10Submit ApproveReduce billing time and write-offs with BillQuick's submission and approval workflow. Approve -- or reject -- time in minutes using the built-in, optimized workflows. (00:02:25)
11Time and ExpenseCapturing time in BillQuick using Simple Time Card, Timer and Sheet View, and expenses using Simple Expense Log and Expense Log. (00:11:03)
12BillingBilling decisions can be made on-screen or written up on a report. Step through billing decisions and generate draft and final invoices. (00:08:49)
13Accounting IntegrationBillQuick does offer an optional Accounts Payable module where you can write and print checks, create bank accounts, enter general journal entries, and so on. However, if you are already using an accounting software and would like to keep it that way, there are different integration options available within BillQuick. (00:02:51)
14Data ConversionReduce the cost -- and hassle -- of change with BillQuick's built-in and custom data conversion options. (00:02:19)