What's New in BillQuick 2009?

BillQuick 2009 is packed with over 200 new and improved features that simplify tasks, boost at-a-glance information, and add flexibility. Focused on maximizing your billable hours, BillQuick 2009 fine-tunes workflows and processes to help you speed up billing and cash flow. These improvements are the result of suggestions and insights from thousands of BillQuick users. In other words, BillQuick is your solution. Ultimately, improving the value of your BillQuick investment is what it is all about.

Big Features added to BillQuick since 2006^

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New Dashboard

Dashboard presents your business critical information at-a-glance. No waiting for reports. No turning page after page to find exceptions. A prefect tool to monitor the key performance indicators of your business in real-time.

A quick scan of metrics such as project balances, unbilled hours, billing, aging and cash flow tell you what demands attention. If you need more information, click to detailed reports. Dashboard gives you more time to manage projects, nurture client relationships, and manage profits. Monitoring you business key performance indicators in real-time allow you to act quickly and therefore minimize loss of revenue often caused by delayed reaction from managers. This new feature in itself will save you thousands of dollars.

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File Linking

Ever wanted to link a document to your time entry or attach a copy of sales receipt to your expense entry? BillQuick 2009 gives you the power to link any type of document to your data. File linking is not limited to Time and Expense. You can link documents to Employee, Client, Project, Vendor, Purchase Order, Vendor bill and Invoice too.

We have made file linking process simple. In as little as three mouse clicks, you can link a document or view a linked document. No more trips to the copier to attach the receipt to your expense entry.

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Built-In Report Customization

By popular demand we added the most requested report customization features to BillQuick 2009. Change the look and feel of over 475 reports and invoices. Save your changes and make it your company default.

Enhancement in Report Viewer toolbar allows you to change the look and feel of over 475 reports and invoices. You can change fonts and text color, hide items that you don’t want on the report, reposition items, sort report data, email as Word, Excel or PDF and more. This power feature set is available conveniently from the report viewer toolbar. You can save your changes and make them your company default.

Other Key Features Added to BillQuick 2009


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    Simple Expense Log

    A brand new Simple Expense Log screen allows you to enter expense quickly and easily.

    Using a simple layout like the Simple Time Card, you can record expenses for a week as amounts or units. You can easily switch from unit entry to amount entry. To give you a head-start, the screen is pre-filled with your recently recorded expenses. Once you use the Simple Expense Log, you will fall in love with it!

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    Report Filters

    Ever wanted to run a report for a selected list of clients? In BillQuick 2009 we have added the feature to allow you to select discrete items to filter your report by. You no longer have to live with the "From" and "To" range selection. This powerful feature gives you the ability to limit your reports to the information that you care for and will save you time by not having to flip through too many pages.

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    Vendor Bill and Purchase Orders

    When you create a vendor bill, BillQuick 2009 now automatically detects the unbilled time and expenses related to the vendor. You can quickly and easily select items to include in the vendor bill. No hoops to jump through, no reentering data.

    Also new in 2009 is the History tab for vendors. It contains all of a vendor’s bills and purchase orders. This at-a-glance feature displays the status: billed, partially billed, fully billed, open PO, or closed PO. Double-Click will let you drill down to vendor bills and purchase orders.

    Finally, Purchase Orders can now be created from a project budget with one click.

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    Global Spell Check

    In BillQuick 2009, we have taken spell checking to a new dimension. Not only have we added the check-as-you-type feature to Time Cards and invoices, we have also implemented a batch spell check feature in most screens.

    Highlight as many time or expense entries and spell check them all with a single click. In Billing Review, highlight rows and spell check the invoices and their associated time and expense records prior to processing your invoices. No more reversing invoices because you found a spelling error in one of the time entries. This powerful feature will save you hundreds of hours and more importantly ensure the professional look of your invoices and reports.

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    Project based Custom Invoice Number

    In addition to the custom invoice number for your company, BillQuick 2009 now gives you the power to assign a custom invoice number sequence per Project/Engagement. This feature gives you the power to meet the unique customer needs and at the same time organize your project invoices. Sorting by invoice number in the Invoice Review screen will serve a dual purpose.

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    Retainage + New Cost-Plus Contract Types

    On popular demand we have added two new contract types in BillQuick 2009. The "Cost + Fixed fee" and "Cost + Percentage". No more exporting your invoices and editing them to handled the clients with Cost-Plus contracts. The built in intelligence in BillQuick 2009 will figure out the Fixed fee portion that you can bill for such contract types saving to you manual calculation time.

    If your client holds back a portion of your invoice amount as a "Retainage", then you are going to love this new Retainage feature. Not only does BillQuick automatically calculate the Retainge amount per invoice, it also prints it out clearly on the invoice to make it easy for your client to pay you. A new aging report lists Retainage amounts separately from the net invoice amount.

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    Allocate Hours by Activity Group

    The self-policing feature has been improved. You can now assign hours to any employee without having to specify a specific Activity. Instead you can specific an Activity Group or "All" activities.

    This feature will help you assign hours to your staff per project in a matter of seconds. Your employees will have the flexibility to work on multiple tasks and still compare it with the allocated hours. You will be impressed how this feature will help you keep your tasks within budget and increase you profits.

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    QuickBooks GL Accounts per Project

    For QuickBooks users, specific General Ledger accounts can now be assigned to a project for invoice items and retainers collected and applied.

    Whether it is legal requirements for trust accounts, part of a project contract, or company policy, you now have more control over integration between BillQuick and QuickBooks. You can post Service Fees for Project A to a GL account A and for Project B to a GL account B. Retainers from each Project/Matter and be assigned their own GL account in QuickBooks.

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    Assigning Employees and Projects Made Easy

    New on the Employee and Project screens, you can now review and assign employees to projects and projects to employees. Also new in 2009 is the ability to easily reassign employees in Project Control and Employee Control.

    Imagine the pain to assign the tasks of an employee after he leaves the company. The new Re-Assign feature does that for you with a few clicks.

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    Expense Part of the Contract

    By user request, BillQuick now adjusts its business processing for situations when expenses are part of a project contract. A simple click of the mouse implements this new business rule.

    The expense that you bill for such billing arrangement will now display on the invoices and will be part of the Net Bill amount.

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    Closing Date in company screen prevents editing of items older than closing date. Impacts Time, Expenses, Invoices and Payments.

    Although this is not a security feature, it is however critical for businesses that file taxes based on the income reports in BillQuick. Once you are ready to file, close your data in BillQuick 2009 by restricting editing of data on or before the closing date.

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    SMTP Support

    Remember the annoying prompt from Outlook when you were sending an invoice or report via email?

    To save time, you can now send outgoing emails through BillQuick using your SMTP Server (Outgoing mail server). This will help you by-pass Outlook and give you the ability to work with other email accounts such as GMail, AOL etc.

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    New Themes

    BillQuick users asked for a little more fun in their software. New themes are available on the User Preferences screen. Match BillQuick’s skin to your personality. Among the new themes is a new default: Pear. Go Green!

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